Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two New Boxes!

Today's chabako hunt yields 2 more pieces!


First, I stopped by my favorite resale shop and found a wooden box to convert. The photo on the left is my "real" chabako sitting on top to compare the size. It won't be hard to take off the hinges and finish the inside.



I also finally found a clear plastic box that was designed with an inner removable frame for mini hanging-file for CD sleeves.

In the photo below, the frame is "pretending" to be the inner chabako tray. My plan is to glue a clear plastic bottom to the frame, if I can figure out how to cut a nice round hole to make room for the chasen tsu-tsu.

In these pictures I chose a cut-glass toothpick-holder from my sensei to be the chakin tsu-tsu, and a little glass bottle as a furidashi for sweets. 

I have been looking for a clear or silver tube for the chasen tsu-tsu, but the lacquer chasen-tsu-tsu and wooden hira natsume seem to balance the cold clear pieces. What do you think?  

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  1. beautiful. you are so resourceful, creative, tasteful, and diligent. while having fun!