Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here is my new sewing project. 

I found a vintage purse in a local antique mall in December.  On the left is my first home-made navy blue goshokago (my March 2013 blog entry) on top the new one, after its handles, metal hinges & clasp were removed, to show relative size. 

The painting of a fisherman seems
an appropriate theme for a goshokago
which can be used for an outdoor tea ritual. 

Because it wasn't lined, it didn't take long 
to unfasten the handles, hinges, and clasp.  

Creating a paper pattern for the lining.
The printed silk lining is now sewn onto fabric stiffener.   
Test fitting the lining. 
The same fabric was used to line 
the chawan bukuro (tea bowl bag). 

The basket with most of the contents. 
It stills needs a ribbon tie. 

All the things for making tea fit inside,
(space for whisk is in upper right area).


  1. Oh well done! How did you attach the fabric to the basket?

  2. Hi Steph,

    Sorry it took a while to reply. The fabric was sewn onto a stiff backing which stays in place because I made it fit snuggly. But, I do sew a few little stitches through the basket weaving to make sure it doesn't come out. That way, I also have the option to change the lining without damaging the basket.