Monday, May 7, 2012

Today I'm preparing for a short trip and decided to quickly put together a travel chabako in an unfinished wooden box with a ribbon tie that I found at a resale shop. It's smaller than the standard chabako seen in the picture above, so I made a smaller teabowl to fit.  

I will pack the whisk in it's original clear plastic container instead of the proper lacquer tube. I found a jolly little glass to hold the wet the linen cloth. The small green jar I made, with a cork stopper, will hold kompeito (tiny bits of hard sugar candy). I made the tea scoop cover and kobukusa (small napkin to protect hands from the heat of the teabowl) from fabric samples. 

I think this humble little chabako will be fun to use on my trip. 
Happy Trails to You!

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