Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cowboy Chabako Gathering

My Cowboy Chabako Tea Gathering last week was very enjoyable. Here are more pictures of the dogu I created. There are more "in progress" photos in my November and September entries.
Closeup of the vintage postcard inside lid of chabako. 
This postcard seemed especially meaningful because we lived in Missouri before moving to Austin. The banner on the postcard, postmarked Aug 31, 1949 to my husband's sister, says:
The first ride of the Pony Express, April 3, 1860, St. Joseph, Mo. to Sacramento, Calif.   This scene shows the dramatic start of the first messenger on that famous route that numbered among its riders such well-known names as Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok. The barn is still standing and pointed out as an object of interest. Reproduced from an original painting, courtesy M.K. Goetz Brewing Co., St. Joseph, Mo. 

The small furo byobu (folding screen put behind the brazier for heating water) is a printed cotton fabric I found in Austin. The chabako box is lined with cotton print fabric that I also used to bind the handle of the coffee pot use as a tetsubin.

I made the kobukusa (small square cloth hot pad) from a store sample of woven striped cotton upholstery fabric; the fukusa from the center of a red bandana backed with red lining fabric to help it fold the way a traditional silk one does.

The chasen-tsutsu (whisk holder) is made of leather, and the chasen-tsutsu (white wiping cloth holder) is a miniature glass boot.

The chawan with cactus motif is by potter Angela Rogers. The furidashi (jar for hard sugar candies) is a tequila glass wrapped in leather, sealed with a a cork stopper with gold foil.