Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slightly off-topic

This week I didn't have time to think about chabako because I am helping my sensei with two events. On Monday she was teishu (host) and I was first guest for about 100 students at UT-San Antonio. 

On Friday we will host 30 sixth graders from a private school here in Austin who are studying etiquette of various cultures.  For this event, Sensei will narrate and I will be teishu. I will use the kaigu I made, a set including a mizusashi, kensui, and futa-oki (water jar, waste bowl, and lid rest), and a natsume (tea container) with a striped koma pattern that is similar to a Japanese toy spinning top.

Each student will be served a sweet and tea in a bowl they will take home as a memento. Of course I made a few extra in case some didn't turn out too well.  

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