Friday, September 14, 2012

Tiny Tetsubin & New Chabako

A good friend gave me this tiny tetsubin (hot water kettle) for my birthday. It sparked the idea that I could make a miniature chabako to take in my purse and practice almost anywhere. 

Toy metal box is 2.25" high x 2" x 3".

Chabako set on my desk, with keyboard for scale.
It was fun to look around the house for materials. 

The 1.75" tall chasenkakego (inner tray) and kizue (hinged 4-part board) was made with yellow card-stock. The kobane (feather duster) is a piece of facial tissue and a toothpick. Small corks, and sections of a big bubble-tea straw covered with either a gold paper from my favorite chocolate bar, or maroon card-stock became the chasen & chakin zutsu and the natsume

Sew shifuku (brocade bags) for chawan, natsume & chashaku.
And, maybe make a bamboo chasen and natsume.

Top view after kakego is removed.
The Chawan is a sake cup, from same friend.

I hope you enjoyed this visual cup of tea!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed. Tea pot is precious and that bowl is so sweet. All your little creations, perfect.