Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My "real" goshokago from Japan

Even though I love making my own chabako from found materials, I wanted a "real" goshokago from Japan to compare with the ones I make. I wanted to see if I had accurately guessed at the dimensions and "feel" of traditional ones. 

To explain how long I've wished for one, when I visited Japan in 1984, I saw a picture in a magazine of a lady in kimono with all the pieces spread out on view. At the time, I had only studied chanoyu for a year and didn't know how they were used, but I was fascinated that they all fit into a beautiful lidded basket. 

Goshokago sets are very expensive, but I finally found one in my price range. Here it is:

It was missing only the brocade shifuku case for the chashaku, so I found a silk necktie that has similar colors, and made one.

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