Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tea for a Hot Summer Day

Clear chabako set in the morning light, creates a cool feeling on a hot summer day.


I found a smaller clear glass teabowl to nest inside the larger one, for the Wakei Chabako Temae. The "usuitia" is a small silver lacquered tray, that is brought in on top the chabako.

 And I painted the back of the chashaku (bamboo tea scoop) with metalic lacquer. When the chashaku is turned over onto the teabowl, it reminds me of the silvery flash of minnows as they swim in a shallow stream of water.

Instead of a hanging scroll I used 
a fan for this informal tea, with silvery images from the Chōjū-giga 鳥獣戯画 Frolicking Animals, that are caricatures of Japanese priests as toads, rabbits and monkeys. It's from a a set of four emakimono (picture scrolls), at Kōzan-ji temple in Kyoto, mid 12-13th c.

Good Morning!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, the box and the chasen tsutsu (whisk container) are acrylic. The tea bowl, etc. are glass.